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    Տեղադրված է՝2022-02-12 Կարիերայի մակարդակԿրթության մակարդակՏարիների փորձ ԱշխատավարձN/A Վավեր է մինչև2024-08-13

    Pharos Production

    Pharos Production Inc. is a software development company established in July 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada with 2 development teams in Kyiv, Ukraine and Vilnius, Lithuania. Our specializations are Blockchain and High-Load FinTech systems.

    Կոնտակտային տվյալներ

    Կոնտակտային անձ HR Էլ. փոստ inquiry@pharosproduction.com Հեռախոս +380-99-776-27-91 Վեբկայք https://pharosproduction.com/

    Systems / Business Analyst


    We build the first-ever metaverse NFT search engine & gamification tools.

    We build the first-ever rapid-bets sports platform.

    We build the first-ever turnkey gaming marketplace.


    • Identify and define business needs and goals. Clearly outline stakeholders’ impact and their outlook on the project and teams.
    • Run and deliver deep analytical dives, taking your insights and turning them into a data story.
    • Collaborate proactively with business stakeholders, product managers, and teams to understand the solution and address the needs.
    • Recommend the data solution(s) required for a client based on a strong understanding of the client’s need through running stakeholder interviews and running workshops.
    • Recommend wider client strategies based on data-driven recommendations, including who the client should be communicating with and what the customer experience should include.
    • Develop feature roadmap and backlogs, drive execution to results, and manage outcomes.
    • Keep the team updated on all the latest tools and platforms in the industry. Organize knowledge sharing and training sessions on request.
    • Monitor solution implementation and conduct internal and external solution acceptance. Manage solution acceptance criteria.
    • Care about continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.

    Required Qualifications:Strong theoretical & practical knowledge.

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computing Science, Systems Analysis, or Engineering Technology.
    • 4+ years of experience in the software development sector.
    • Firm understanding of best practices for modularized software with a particular emphasis on high-load.
    • Knowledge of business data analysis; ability to collect, identify, analyze and interpret business data using various kinds of techniques to meet business needs and requirements.
    • Knowledge of business process design; ability to develop appropriate techniques to re-examine key processes and focus on optimizing organizational performance.
    • Knowledge of collaborative techniques and approaches; ability to promote a culture of continuous improvement and working together across functions to solve business problems and meet business goals.
    • Knowledge of key uses and benefits of data analysis tools; ability to utilize data analysis tools to identify factors influencing business performance and to gain greater insight into trends within a business, industry, and customer base.
    • Knowledge of data gathering and analysis tools, techniques, and processes; ability to gather and analyze data on the learning needs of a target population.
    • Knowledge of the decision-making process and associated tools and techniques; ability to accurately analyze situations and reach productive decisions based on informed judgment.
    • Knowledge of market research; ability to collect, collate and analyze information about existing or potential markets and market needs.
    • Knowledge of the concepts of process mapping; ability to carry out the documentation of current and proposed manufacturing processes to identify and make improvements.
    • Knowledge of tools, methods, and techniques of requirement analysis; ability to elicit, analyze and record required business functionality and non-functionality requirements to ensure the success of a system or software development project.
    • Knowledge of technical writing; ability to write technical documents such as manuals, reports, guidelines, or documents on standards, processes, and applications.
    • Knowledge of UAT (user acceptance testing) activities, tasks, tools and techniques; ability to design, implement and evaluate acceptance tests for end-users.
    • Demonstrates a commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by treating everyone with respect and dignity, ensuring all voices are heard, and advocating for change.
    • Upper-intermediate English.


    • We work with the technologies of tomorrow.
    • We always have interesting challenges.
    • We learn every day from what we do.
    • We are a team of experts in engineering and analysis.
    • We respect the work-life balance.
    • We respect the time and skills and pay for them very well.

    Additonal Information:

    Interview Step 1. Interview with the founder and CTO Dmytro Nasyrov Step 2. Start your job.